Emotions (always makes me confused)

Hi everyone 😊

Today I talk about emotions.when we talk about emotions I think this is very complicated. I don’t ask or talk you why and when we are happy or not . I am curious about is whether there is a dominant feeling in your life and whether there are specific emotions associated with specific times of the day.

So start first: I think there is currently no dominant or key emotions resist. Because they changed always. If I talk about me when I was writing I don’t know but I don’t have emotions on that time . I know this sounds really weird . When I woke up in morning I feel happy and sometimes whole day I feel happy without any reason. Sometimes when I saw cloudy weather or rain I don’t know why but this makes me happy. But in daily routine when the time was afternoon I think we all little bit stressed.

Sometimes I see some people they pretend that they are happy but I think they need someone to talk freely and share their emotions because I think if they feel sad but pretended happy this is not good their mental health.

I think everyone some of stages in our life include me starts over thinking yes we all familiar at this word”over thinking” I think at night maximum people over thinking some of their carrier just like me , some of their family, some of special persons etc. They don’t think because don’t have any work to do they they think because they care of them but people don’t understand .

So last I talk about depressed people. This think happens with me few year ago I remember I don’t have any one person to talk. I think few of our readers also passed this stage . Then some people completely change. I just tell them to go and visit any psychologist .

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I’m not good in English . If you see any grammatical mistakes please mention in comment.


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