The Concept of Virginity and our thoughts

Hi everyone 😊

Today I talk about virginity. The concept of virginity has been most hotly topic of debating in our history. We all know this word. it can be easy for us to forget that it is not a scientific discovery nor a medical condition, but rather is a social concept. In our Indian society or any ancient society we saw before marriage if a woman lose their virginity they are ostracized. But why if a girl lost their virginity it also means she trust someone but the someone broke her trust and we see the graph of rape cases they also increase. so my request is don’t blame a girl maybe she was innocent.

If you think my writing about this topic is not good please mention in comment and suggest me a new topic of writing please. And if you see any grammatical mistake please mention in comment . I’m not good in English.

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  1. You should go on writing about topics like this ….
    It’s high time and ppl perception needs to be changed . Above all we shouldn’t be ashamed while talking about this ….
    You are so brave to bring up the topics like this…..🤗❤️

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