Last Day at class 12

So After a long time I wrote the blog again. In middle I take a break Because I thought the Board exam would be happen but unfortunately this is not happen. So it was sad one random Monday afternoon my school life was end at home  .

Let’s start: There was a time when we don’t want to go to school . I think we all cried our first day at school . But then we went and meet new teacher actually a new world were many unknown same age people we met. But after that the unknown people are one of closest friends we made. Are you remember the time friends when starts rain some of us went to   So the school grounds and get wet and some of us sit classrooms and starts singing. This was one of best moment that we have. In school life I think we all enjoy the punishment. We gave teachers some cute name. If I recall my memory at my school there was a teacher we called him “bhombol”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  . The most horrible person in class I think the class monitors but sometimes they are really good. Some students really good in studies and some of not good but this was not the factor  after all we all friends.

One of memorable photo

At school I’m little bit shy person so I have problem for making friends . But I think we will miss the fights , running the ground without any reason , history classes, some of teachers 😊. But I think we all miss our classrooms some of us lost their contacts in future . The time we spent our 2nd home it’s all memorable.

At last I want to tell my readers that at 1st I try to attempt write poetry but I don’t know why I can’t able to write if you don’t like this post just mentioned it I delete this post.

Thank you so much.


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