Why I love Rain❤️

Hi everyone 😊

Few days ago I wrote a blog where I mentioned “Sometimes when I saw cloudy weather or rain I don’t know why but this makes me happy.” Yup this is true . On that time I just don’t know why on that time I was little bit curious to find the answer. But sadly I didn’t find the answer 😂. But I think if we saw the sky just like human mood change clouds also change their moods.

Today in afternoon as I stand at my window, I can hear all the monsoon sounds. The sound is drop of rain , thunder clouds , chirping of birds , cicadas buzzing, and many more. when I was child I thought that clouds have felt sad that was the reason of rain .

Few day ago these pictures are clicked. If I look all those three pictures this all taken before the rain when I look back this pictures I felt that clouds also change their mood . If they felt good the sky has clear and sunshine happily. If they felt sad they became darker and when they cry the result is rain and sometimes create hurricane and strom. I know this sounds little bit childish.

Today when the rain starts I can’t resist for going out in the balcony and getting drenched in the rain and droplets of rain hit me and in no time all my day’s exhaustion vapourises, rejuvenating my whole body.

I close my eyes and try to savour every drop of it. Memories of childhood flash across my mind at school when rain starts me and my few friends went to the school ground without any reason and starts running it felt like any barrios not stop us and many more.

For me the rains, not only give us an external good bath, but I feel it also purifies us from within.

Even when I grow older, I will relish ‘rains’ just like a small five-year-old kid.

If you don’t like it then please mention in comment . Likes and comments heartwarming welcome.❤️😄


  1. In Europe, I think .. argh, more rain but when I lived in India, like you, I used to cherish it and enjoy the downpour! Well, until the roads were flooded haha 😉

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    1. Jaba Paul says:

      Hahaha in India at rainy season we all like arghh (don’t take it much)😂😂 . I was never go in Europe but when I saw Europe on TV it’s looks like heaven.

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  2. Wonderful post with nice snapshots.

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    1. Jaba Paul says:

      Thank you sir😊


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