Love for December

So , it’s the last day of one of a amazing year. Yup December is the month we all have some special feeling in this month. For school students happiness of last exam and will beginning a new journey in new class. Some of them change their school and stuck in old memories and some if them happily accept their changes.

For me it’s a reminder whar i learn whole year. For me the remainder which people i talk them in last year and now we don’t ever know them , for me reminder how i fool last year๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

For our grandmas its woolen clothes making season and its really comfortable and lovely how they gave efforts for making our clothes . In my city kolkata its called the season of love . Cause maybe in this season some people find their love and some loss their love. I don’t know why this kind of thigs happens in this season. Maybe this is the reason they called love season. But maximum people seems to be happy . But not everyone this months went well for many reason. Some of them lost their grandparents…

At last year can we ever imagin to go out our home without masks . times seriously change quickly. You know what guys in this kind of writing i share my feelings with you and i lost my bestfriend this year.

So it’s almost 12 happy new year my dear readers . If you gave some suggestions about writing it’s really help me comment below and if you have some suggestions please don’t hesitate to share with me i don’t want to quit my writing so please.

Thanks for reading .


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