Difference between love and like

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Today I talk about one of interesting topic in these days . This is also some common difference . Sometimes we are misunderstood this differences . In our life I think we all made this mistakes ( yup Include me😂).

So let’s start :

Although we all know that there’s a lot of difference between like and love, we sometimes fail to understand what that difference is. Henceforth, we often end up interchanging the two terms in our daily lives. Nevertheless, most of the time, when it comes to our emotions for someone, we at least know the difference between those we like and those we love.

Whether it is “like” or “love”, both emotions are common and are experienced by almost everyone. While liking someone means being in agreement with them or being pleased with them, loving someone means having a deeper feeling of affection for them. It is almost certain that you like someone whom you love, but it is not necessarily true that you love someone whom you like.

Several forms of love

Like or liking is a feeling that you can have for many things in life. You can like something or someone on the basis of its outer appearance or inner traits. If you like someone, it is likely that you have a sense of respect for him or her, and usually the feeling would be mutual. You are also likely to agree with them on a majority of things. For example, you may like reading books, but you can’t say you love it, or you may like chocolates, but you may not love eating them.

On the other hand, love or loving is a strong feeling of affection. With those we love, we generally tend to have longer, even everlasting relationships. Now for instance, you will only say to your mother “I love you, Mom”, and not “Mom, I like you”. This is one of the best examples of a relationship that is based purely on love. You can share this beautiful emotion or feeling of love with your sister, brother, kids or spouse.

Furthermore, in the case of some things that we like from the bottom of our heart, we use the word ‘love’ instead of the term ‘like’. This is not wrong, but just a way of showing that you really, really like that thing. For example, I love writing.

Thank you so much for reading my writing . If you like to share your point of view so please share I like to hear about it😊. If you don’t like my writing please mentioned it I like to hear my faults and I try to improve it.

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