Hi everyone✋ it’s been a longtime since i wrote last blog. In this long break i try to understand me and the peoples that i thought i know them well.

After reading 1st paragraph you all think that might I’m depressed or something like that but nope that’s not.

Few days ago I passed my last teenage year and in this 20 years I met lot of people and few persons i talk them on social media but sometimes they really become closest one and I’m really thankful for god for giving me some really amazing friends. And i meant it . if i talk about one of them there is Sneha my one of closest friend and i don’t think l can find such humble , kind and incredible person like her she is like Buddhist but little version.

I also met chimpanzee kind of people who have innocent heart firecrackers like personality but trustworthy person.

You know what life is not a bed of roses there have some rattle snakes and some box jellyfish kind of people. But i actually thanks them cause if they can’t came our life we don’t understand our complex world. Yup I trust some people blindly ohh one of them also said that “you can trust me blindly” and like foolish i stated trusted him cause he told me same things repeatedly. Whatever after trusted him i told my all secrets and afterthat he spread all my secrects like “raita”. You know what like indian spicy foods that made many kind of spices some people became good chef if they don’t share our secrets with adding more spices. They can add spices on food and hope that one day they become good chef. Here i got trust trust issue.

Some kind of people they don’t gossips . They do it practically . I WARN YOU my readers please be safe this kind of people try to recognize them and maintain a safe distance cause they will broke your trust your heart very bad way.

Lastly I want to tell you one of special kind of person . They came your life unexpectedly they tell you bitter truth but this truth they will tell you they actually want to warn you for in future you will not get hurt. Yeah this year i met Debayan this category person. I think this kind of person already know our cruel world. He always to motivate me don’t want to hurt my innocency . Guys you know he always motivate me for writing.This kind of people always appreciate you but if you will done something wrong they try to teach you . sometimes they became our teacher . After he came my life i know my goals i really want to success my dreams. But you know what they came unexpectedly and go unexpectedly . But after 3/7 years we met them in ours way they are more special than any other 3/10 years relationship.

Lastly i want to tell all of you guys no one stays permanently trust me even our closest parents not stay permanently. So please love yourself . If nl one want to hangout with you it’s totally ok hangout yourself you felt much better.

Thank you so much for reading my nonsense talks. Thank you

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